Hi, I am Loveleen and I am a Web Designer.

slide1Hi, I am Loveleen (elkay is my Nickname). I have almost 9 years of experience in making Websites and WordPress. I have juggled between various web related jobs to learn the finer details of Websites from User Interface Design, Website Designing, Development, SEO and Site Optimization. However, I quickly realized that my true passion lies in being able to use my skills and serve people and businesses directly.

I make Websites that are aesthetically appealing, functionally robust, responsive and serve the business purpose.

My choice of platform for building websites is WordPress. I prefer this platform because it has a fast turn around time and it provides thousands of free plugins which makes it possible to achieve business aim quicker and at a much smaller budget.

When I am not designing and developing websites, I am drawing, gardening, listening to old Hindi songs or dancing to the tunes of my 7 month old daughter.

I am married to the sweetest person in the whole world and I live with him in New York. We have a daughter. Life is perfect and cannot be any better.

About Kaazunut : the name derives from ‘Cashewnut’ (Kaaju is the hindi translation of Cashew). It was founded by a cashew-lover ‘ellkay’ in 2009. Kaazunut is a one stop web shop for all business owners, bloggers, artists. It provides services from helping users build their first site to adding advanced features to their site.


I provide following Services’ Packages

  • Website Design and Development (in WordPress)
  • Website + Blog Design and Development (in WordPress)
  • Website + Blog + Shop Design and Development (in WordPress)
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Kit (Business Card Design/Facebook Banner Design/Twitter Banner, Background Design)
  • Maintenance of WordPress Sites



Truly a very talented designer and extremely knowledgeable. I would have been lost without her. You can't get any better than Loveleen.

Melissa , Melissa Dov Weddings

Wonderful! I'm so happy with my website. I will be referring you to friends and using you for future web projects! Thank you very much..

Sheila Burnham, And She Scores


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